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So I was thinking about possibly making a new race for a story I was working on, and well I'm not sure it will work. Even so I like them enough that I wanted to share.
So the race is called Draconians (it may change later). The people have dragon wings and some scales on their bodies. They are mostly immune to cold unless they are ill or hurt, and then it really bothers them. Some live among normal people a few keeping their wings out in the open, but most keep them bound and hidden under long coats or robes. In the cities/villages that are Draconians only, they call these havens, they keep their wings out in the open. As a whole they tend to be slightly isolationist.
Because of their dragon like features (wings, claws, stilted pupil eyes, and scales) they don't eat the same foods that humans do and usually stick to a diet of meat, fish, and fruit. Compared to humans they are stronger, and have more stamina. They burn a lot of energy flying but because of their weariness of those that are not one of them they live up on mountain tops, and other hard to reach places that it is much easier to get to by flying.
Their hierarchy is based on the colors of their wings, and the brighter and more pure the color is the higher your position is in their society for example if your wings are a muted blue and your friends are an forest green the friend would be higher in the hierarchy. The eldest of them are often made a council and when you die the next eldest takes your place to guide the younger bright winged ones.
Different wing colors like blue and red are parts of different tribes because they hold that your wing color is determined by the elements and the one that is closest to your color will guide you. Red is fire, yellow is air, green is earth, orange is life, purple is dark, blue is sky, white is light, black is death, metallic colors are really rare, and usually held as being guided by more than one element and so they are often seen as the 'kings and queens' of the tribes.
Sometimes one of the bright winged ones will leave the havens and they usually spend years out wandering learning everything they can because they know once they return to the haven they left they will be made to guide and govern the people there. Often they pick up a trade like woodworking or tailoring to benefit the haven where such arts are handed down from master to apprentice. Every Draconian knows how they will die because they have a vision when they come of age showing them what will happen. They also have a mark on their wrist that matches their true mate exactly down to the color and size, but most are content to settle for someone that they love instead of searching for their true mate.
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So in the event that Yahoo actually does the thing and closes down Tumblr I'm going to be posting a copy of my stories (read fan fiction) from there to here. So you'll have to bear with me as I try to get used to the way that things are posted here.


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